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Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier

Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier KIT


Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier is a rapid-drying, 2-component, water based epoxy resin that chemically cures to form a permanent hydrostatic barrier.

  • Very Low VOC
  • Very Low Moisture Vapour Transmission - 1 coat = (3.7gm/m2/24hrs) as per ASTM E96
  • Water-based - User Friendly
  • Green Star Certified
  • Very low odour during application
  • Single application on most substrates
  • Solvent free
  • Non DG storage
  • Great penetration into porous construction materials
  • Easy mix ratio 2:1 A-B
  • Rapid drying 2-3hrs @ 23°C
  • Highly fluid and easy to apply
  • Resist up to 4 bar negative water pressure
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating


Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier may only be used by experienced professionals.

Applied in combination with suitable materials from Sikafloor®, SikaBond®, Sikadur® & SikaTite® ranges.

  • To stop rising moisture in concrete on grade
  • To stop rising moisture on green concrete
  • To bind/consolidate a weakened or damaged concrete surface
  • To act as an incontinence barrier for concrete in Aged & Health Care facilities 
  • Designed for use in conjunction with Sikabond® wood flooring adhesives








Mixing RatioComponent A : Component B = 2:1 (by weight)


  • Smooth concrete surface4-6m2/L
  • Smooth cement based compound4-6m2/L
  • Mechanically profiled or very porous surface may require 2 coats 4-6m2/L, on first coat 6-8m2/L on second coat

Consumption average is dependent on the absorbency of the substrate.

Substrate Temperature+10°C min. / +30°C max.

Substrate Moisture Conten tIn-situ probe test up to 100% RH. All testing/readings should conform with relevant AS/NZ standards

Pot Life:

  • +15°C 40min
  • +23°C 30min
  • +30°C 15min
  • Note, Mixed Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier stays liquid when pot life is over. Only mix the amount of product that will be consumed directly. DO NOT USE mixed material after pot life has expired and product begins to thicken.

Waiting Time / OvercoatingOver-coating with a suitable Sika® - Non-porous primer, Adhesive or a second coat of Sikafloor®-158 W Fast Barrier may be applied no sooner than 2hrs @ +23 °C.

Note: Drying is dependent on temperature, air flow & relative humidity. Increased air flow will help with drying speeds in cooler temperatures. Applied Product Ready for Use2hrs+

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