Strongbond Moisture Solution

Strongbond Moisture Solution

Strongbond Moisture Solution. Key benefits include:

To moisture proof, densifi, harden and cure new or old concrete.

Moisture Solution is used to treat moisture problems and restricts moisture vapour emissions. Does not prevent adhesion of floor coverings to substrate. 

Moisture Solution can reduce hydrostatic pressure and can be effectively applied to positive or negative side of concrete structures.

Moisture Solution is a Colloidal Silica. It is a clear blue liquid. When it dries, it is clear. It is odourless and environmentally neutral, Zero VOC / VOS

Strongbond Moisture Solution. Technical data include:

  • Physical - Liquid
  • Size - 15L
  • Colour - Clear-Blue
  • Odour - None
  • Specific Gravity - 1.10
  • PH - +/- 11.5
  • Flammability - None
  • Toxicity - None
  • VOC / VOS Content - None
  • Surface Bond Quality - Excellent
  • Paint Ability - Excellent
  • Clean-up Solvent - Water
  • Environmental Impact - None/Neutral
  • R-Factor Increase - Up to 20%
  • Chloride Screen ability - Excellent
  • User Status - Friendly

Permanently Integrally Waterproofs Concrete

Provides a Cure Equal to Water Ponding

Moisture Barrier for Impervious Floor Coverings

Compatible with most Flooring & Coatings Systems

Densifies & Hardens Concrete of any age

Further Restricts Vapour Transmission

Preserves Concrete's Matrix & Overall Integrity

Improves Thermal Resistance (R-Factor)

Enhances Tensile & Compressive Strengths

Improves Dusting Resistance

Improves Acid / Chemical Resistance

Retards Efflorescence

Stabilises Concrete's pH Levels

Can be Used on Vertical or Horizontal Surfaces

Minimum Site Disruption, walkable after 2 hours

Reduces Hydrostatic Pressure

Zero VOC & VOS Content

Environmentally Friendly

Flush or clean up with water





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