Tusk VB Core Drill Bit (VBCB).

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Designed to be run on angle grinders because of the greater RPM and is more controllable to centre when drilling. VBCB Drill Bits will cut most construction products - Stone, Concrete, Ceramic, Brick, Porcelain, Terracotta, Plastic and Fibreboard.



                     Angle Grinder

                          VB Core Drill Bit
Sku Brand Size Thread Product Number
84162 Tusk 5mm M14 VBCB5
84164 Tusk 6mm M14 VBCB6
84166 Tusk 8mm M14 VBCB8
84168 Tusk 10mm M14 VBCB10
84170 Tusk 15mm M14 VBCB15
84172 Tusk 20mm M14 VBCB20
84174 Tusk 32mm M14 VBCB32
84178 Tusk 12mm M14 VBCB12
84180 Tusk 45mm M14 VBCB45
84182 Tusk 25mm M14 VBCB25
84184 Tusk 35mm M14 VBCB35
84248 Tusk 55mm M14 VBCB55
84250 Tusk 65mm M14 VBCB65
87143 Tusk 50mm M14 VBCB50
87145 Tusk 60mm M14 VBCB60



                     Angle Grinder

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