Tusk Demolition Gorilla TDB Blades

Tusk Demolition Gorilla TDB Blades

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Tusk Tungsten Carbide Tooth "Gorilla" Demolition Blades are premium quality saw blades-ideal for framing and demolition applications and developed especially for use on circular saws. Manufactured from quality SK2 steel - designed for increased balance, increased heat reduction, reduced vibration, smoother cleaner cuts, and longer life. The TCT blade's strong welded, high-quality Tungsten Carbide tips are able to withstand impact from wood with nails and other obstructions making it the perfect tool for roofing, renovating, framing or construction. 

TCT Demolition Blade
Sku Brand Size Type Product Number
86336 Tusk 165mm 20Tooth TDB16520T
84160 Tusk 185mm 24 Tooth TDB18524T
85735 Tusk 210mm 28 Tooth TDB21028T
85998 Tusk 235mm 32 Tooth TDB23532T
86328 Tusk 254mm 40 Tooth TDB25440T
86780 Tusk 305mm 48 Tooth TDB30548T


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