Bona Edge UX Sanding Machine 130mm

Bona Edge UX Sanding Machine 130mm

  • High visibility
  • Able to get closer to walls
  • Less risk of sanding marks
  • Measuring multimeter
  • Minimum noise
  • Optimal airflow
  • Anti-tilt technology
  • DCS-prepared
  • 16 LEd lights in the head
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Bona Edge UX Sanding Machine 130mm
You can now easily maneuver the Bona Edge UX Sander around stairs, corners at ease with the LED light technology, making it easy to get into those nooks and crannies that we all find hard to reach.
The Bona UX series is developed as a result of listening to our users, the craftsmen who work with floors every day. With this insight Bona has launched an improved user experience-based edger, the Bona Edge UX. With the use of modern technology, Bona UX edger solution is powerful yet easy to use, to help you create the perfect floor surface.

The scope of the UX edger is phenomenal and due to the unique design of the sanding arm any corners and stairs are within its reach. Visibility is outstanding with new LED light technology. The optimized engine also reduces noise levels to a minimum and the design also minimizes the risk of chatter marks.

  • 130mm and 220mm Sanding Arms

  • Optimised Engine Power

  • Low Noise Level

  • Bright LED Technology

The Bona Edge UX is developed with ergonomic use in mind. The edger features flexible handles, and full control through the smart multimeter which ensures easy and smooth handling when it comes to operating the machine. Transportation is made easy due to its compact design.

  • Flexible Handles

  • Measuring Multimeter

  • Compact Size

The Bona Edge UX is developed from a user experience perspective to create a safer working environment for both floors and craftsmen. With a focus on the health of the craftsman, the Bona Edge UX is compatible with the Bona DCS 70 and comes prepared with a DCS connector for efficient dust pickup and quick DCS connection to eliminate dust and mess.

  • Moving Direction
  • DCS Prepared
  • Dead Man's Switch
  • Efficient Dust Pickup


Bona Edge UX Sanding Machine Technical Data Include:

  • Motor power: 1,25KW, 230V, 50Hz
  • Abrasive Disc Size: 178 mm
  • Motor power: 3000 rpm
  • Total weight: 14,4kg
  • Bona Edge UX 130 15,4kg
  • Bona Edge UX 220
  • Sanding Arm Height: 58 mm
  • Noise level: 92 dB (A) max
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