Bona FlexiVacuum 230V-50/60Hz

Bona FlexiVacuum 230V-50/60Hz

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Bona FlexiVacuum 230V-50/60Hz

Bona FlexiVacuum is an industrial vacuum cleaner, this is especially developed for on-board use on the Bona FlexiSand or attached to any of the Bona edges.

The Bona FlexiVacuum is a Dust Free sanding offer, for improved working environment. It is classified in Class M according to EN 60 335-2-69, ensuring that 99,9% or the particles are removed by the filters.

  • Collects very fine and health hazardous dust
  • Classified in Class M according to EN 60 335-2-69.
  • LED alarm light - sensors air flow is too low
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Motor: 800W / 230V

  Greater customer satisfaction because of sanding without dust and reduced odour. Protects for your health.

Bona FlexiVacuum 230V-50/60Hz Technical data include:

  • Healthier working conditions – M Classified, health hazardous dust EN 60335-2-69
  • 6kg in weight
  • Filter - Polyester filter cartridge Class M
  • Hose - 35mm in diameter
  • Air flow - 171m3/hour
  • Collects approx. 10 litres of wood dust in the bag
  • Best suited for small and medium areas
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