Ardex UD150 Undertile Drainage Mat

Ardex UD150 Undertile Drainage Mat

Ardex UD150 Undertile Drainage Mat

Thin mesh-reinforced plastic drainage mat for use under directly adhered tiled surfaces

  • 6mm drainage channel provides free passage of water underneath the tiled surface
  • Reduces liklihood of efflorescence build-up
  • Shortens drying time after rainfall
  • Loose-laid over the membrane which separates the tiled surface from any movement in the substrate
  • Accessible waterproofing layer


  • Under directly-fixed external tiled finishes
  • Decks with internal gutters
  • Decks with metallic profile finishes




Ardex UD150 Watec Drainage Mat


  • External applications - Fully waterproofed substrates including concrete, screed, plywood and compressed fibre cement sheet
  • Sheets of 1.02m x 1.96m x 9mm (2m²)
  • Compressive strength 30MPa
  • Concentrated point load < 2.4kN
  • Drainage capacity (i = 1.5%) 0.19 - 0.28 l/m/s
  • Impact sound reduction 10mm tiles: L’w = 17dB 20mm natural stone: L’w = 19dB
  • Temperature resistance -30ºC to 70ºC (80ºC intermittent) 
  • 8x per carton
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