TRB Tusk Sabra Saw Blades

TRB Tusk Sabra Saw Blades

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Three specialist blades available TRB W - wood, TRB M - metal or TRB B and Demolotion - wood & metal blade designed wider and thicker, making it better able to resist bending when cutting through timber, nail embedded timber, steel, plastic and aluminium.

Bi-Metal blade with teeth made from M42 grade steel from the USA, these blades are manufactured tough, and will give you better performance, longer Iife and more destruction on the job.

Use with the Saber Saw on:

  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Timber with Nails
  • MDF
  • PVC


                                          RECOMMENDED TOOLS

                     Jig Saw                                        Sabre Saw 

Sabre Saw Blades
Sku Brand Size Type   Product Number
86024 Tusk 150mm Wood 5 per pkt TRB150W
86025 Tusk 228mm Wood 5 per pkt TRB228W
86026 Tusk 150mm Metal 5 per pkt TRB150M
86027 Tusk 228mm Metal 5 per pkt TRB228M
86028 Tusk 150mm Metal and Wood 5 per pkt TRB150B
86029 Tusk 228mm Metal and Wood 5 per pkt TRB228B
86495 Tusk 304 x 10/14T x 1.6 x 22.2 Demolition 1 per pkt TRB300D
86496 Tusk 228 x 5/8T x 1.6 x 22 Demolition 1 per pkt TRB228D

                                     RECOMMENDED TOOLS

                     Jig Saw                                        Sabre Saw 


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