TB 50T Tusk Torsion Bits 50 mm

TB 50T Tusk Torsion Bits 50 mm. Key benefits include:

  • Recommended tools impact drivers
  • Premium quality S2 alloy steel bits with magnetic tips
  • Torsion zone to prevent breakage and longer bit life
  • Compression forged tips for precise tip fitment and less tripping



B 50T Tusk Torsion Bits 50 mm. Available in various sizes:

Products Code:

TB 50T15x2

TB 50T20x2

TB 50T25x2

TB 50T30x2

TB 50T40x2

TB 50T50x2

Products Description:

50mm Torx15 x 2

50mm Torx20 x 2

50mm Torx25 x 2

50mm Torx30 x 2

50mm Torx40 x 2

50mm Torx50 x 2

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