TCTB Tusk Cordless Timber Blades

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TCTB  Tusk Cordless Timber Blades. Key benefits include:

  • Premium saw blades for cordless hand saws
  • Thin kerf (cutting width) 
  • Ultra-fast, thin, and efficient cuts in:
    • Soft wood
    • Hard wood
    • Plywood
    • MDF
    • Chipboard  

TCTB Tusk Cordless Timber Blades. Available in various sizes:

Products Code:

TCTB 136

TCTB 165

TCTB 16540

TCTB 185

TCTB 185 60T

Products Description:

136 x 1.4/0.8 x 18T x 20/15.88, 20/10

165 x 1.6/1.0 x 24T x 20/16

165 x1.6/1.0 x40T x20/16

185 x 1.6/1.0 x 20T x 20/16

185 x 1.6/1.0 x 60T x 20/16



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