Sabre Citrus Cleaner Aerosol 500ml

Sabre Citrus Cleaner Aerosol 500ml

Sabre CC Citrus Adhesive Cleaner


Sabre CC Citrus Cleaner is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, citrus cleaner developed to remove Sabre Adhesives, wet or dried, from unwanted areas. It is also effective for equipment cleanup, degreasing, overspray and removing other materials such as grease, oil, ink, stickers and tar. This cleaner utilises strong citrus oil solvents which not only clean well but also leave a pleasant citrus aroma. SABRE SCC is safe to use on many surfaces and substrates including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, concrete, decorative laminates, and many plastics and vinyls.


• Effective for removing adhesive overspray on Sabre Grip contact adhesives

• Can be connected to Sabre Grip Canister application equipment for efficient cleanup.

• Environmentally safe & biodegradable, and leaves a pleasant citrus aroma.

PRODUCT USAGE Prior to using SABRE SCC, always test on an inconspicuous area (extremely important on auto finishes). Do not allow to puddle on the surface especially on painted or other coloured surfaces as sometimes the colour can be removed. First, attempt to remove the adhesive by applying SABRE SCC to a clean cloth then rubbing the surface. If this fails, apply SABRE SCC sparingly directly to the surface and use a cloth or a scrub brush to remove the adhesive then wipe the surface clean. Repeat this procedure if necessary. Ensure SABRE SCC has completely evaporated if adhesive is to be reapplied to the surface.

SHELF LIFE 1 year from date of manufacture.

STORAGE Not damaged by freezing. Return to room temperature prior to use.

NOTE Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use. Use only as directed. Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet

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