Strongbond Adhesive Primer/Sealer 15 Litre

Strongbond Adhesive Primer/Sealer is a water based primer with excellent adhesion and is recommended for priming any porous and highly absorbent substrates:

  • Enhances adhesion
  • Increases spread rate of an adhesive (Cost effective)
  • Prevents bubbling
  • Covers very wide range of substrates (cementitious and wooden floors)
  • Reduces substrate porosity
  • User-friendly (can be sprayed, rolled or brushed)

Strongbond Primer/Sealer is compatible with all Strongbond Adhesives:

  • Colour: White (dries clear)
  • Conditions of use: Temperature: not below 10o C
  • Relative Humidity: Not above 75%
  • Touch dry time: Up to 15 minutes
  • Coverage: 10m2 /Lt
  • Storage: Store in a cool place. Containers that have been opened must be properly sealed
  • Storage life: 1-year minimum in the original sealed container
  • Cleaning Agent: Water before drying
  • Packaging: 15 litre
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