Strongbond Royal Platinum Plus Foam Underlay

Strongbond Royal Platinum Plus Foam Underlay

Strongbond Royal Platinum Plus 11mm Foam Underlay

It is a very high density luxury carpet underlay with PE Film on one side along with non-woven fabric on the other side.  This adds to the insulation properties of the foam. This product assists the performance of domestic carpet, it makes the floor warmer, quieter and softer.  This product has no equivalent to it in our market.  This product should be laid in accordance with Australia/NZ standards.  Key Benefits:

  • Provides additional sound and heat barrier
  • Environmentally friendly

Strongbond Royal Platinum Plus 11mm Foam Underlay.  Technical Data:

  • 11mm thickness with PE Film and non-woven fabric
  • 120kg in density – 1.83m x 10m roll
  • 95% is made from recycled cleaned foam material and re-chipped to obtain the density
  • 5 Broadloom
  • Foam content: Re-bonded Polyurethane Foam
  • Laminate content: Grey Polyethylene Film (PE)





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