P2 Replacement Filters (10 pack).

P2 Replacement Filters (10 pack).

P2 Replacement Filters (10 pack).  Key benefits include:

  • For use with A1 and ABEK1 Cartridges.
  • P2 Filters - Attaches to the cartridges. Provides particulate* protection to remove dust and mist, fibres and dirt.
  • 10 in a pack.

*Particulate is a discrete aerosol mass of solid or liquid matter usually dispersed in gas and liquid emissions (considered an atmospheric pollutant).


P2 Replacement Filters (10 pack). Technical data include:

  • Certified AS/NZ Standard 1716:2003.
  • The filter life depends on the conditoins of use.

If after any more information on Occupational Safety and Health Service visit www.osh.govt.nz 

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