ADOS F86 Contact Adhesive Red 20 litre

ADOS F86 Contact Adhesive Red 20 litre

ADOS F86 is a multi-purpose spray grade contact adhesive has been specially formulated for spraying and has very low misting when used with either air driven or airless spray equipment. With a wide range of applications, it’s convenient and economical spraying, combined with its long working time, makes it ideal for bonding large areas. Key benefits include:

  • General purpose spray grade (Versatile adhesive)
  • Specially developed to use with air driven or airless spray equipment
  • Tested to 100°C (CRT Dead Weight Test)
  • Greater visibility of coverage (Colour Red) 


ADOS F86 has excellent performance for making bonds with: Polyurethane foam - metals - ceiling tiles - veneer - bench top laminates - plasterboard - concrete - fibreglass - particle boards - timber - carpets - cork - plastics - cardboard - fabrics - leather - weather seals - some cloth backed vinyls - sound deadening and thermal insulation materials - PVC skirting - commercial grade vinyl floorings - some rubbers. Technical data includes:

  • Type: Contact solvent-based
  • Composition: Polychloroprene (Neoprene®)
  • Colour: Red
  • Temperature Range: 100°C
  • Reactivation: Heat or solvent
  • Viscosity: 220 ± 20 cps @ 25°C
  • Coverage: 4 - 6m2 per litre bond area
  • Working Time: 15-40 minutes
  • Thinning: No thinning is required
  • Clean Up: ADOS Solvent N
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