Ardex K15 Microtec Self-Levelling and Self-Smoothing Compound 20 kg

Ardex K15

Ardex K15 Self Levelling Compound

Ardex K15 is suitable for a wide range of substrates. This contains the rapid-drying technology with the microfiber reinforcement feather edge that can be any thickness in one application. When this is mixed with water, becomes a compound that is self-levelling and is easy to spread to any depth and ready to walk on in 2 hours.

Ardex K15 key benefits

  • Compatible with ARDEX floor adhesives
  • Low VOC content and user friendly
  • Self-levelling
  • Self-smoothing
  • Can be bulk filled using 2-5mm aggregate

    Can be used on the following floor coverings:

  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Ceramic and quarry tiles


  • New / existing concrete
  • Rough screed concrete
  • Rain damaged concrete (mechanically repaired)
  • Quarry and ceramic tile


Ardex K15 Microtec Self-Levelling and Self-Smoothing Compound 20 kg. Technical data include:

  • Powder bulk density: Approx. 1.3kg/L
  • Coverage 4m2 at 3mm
  • Fresh mortar weight: Approx. 2.0kg/L
  • Walkability: Approx. 2 hours after application
  • Ready to receive floor coverings :16 – 18 hours after application at 20C


  • Compressive Strength:
    • After 1 day approx. 15MPa
    • After 3 days approx. 20MPa
    • After 7 days approx. 25MPa
    • After 28 days approx. 30MPa


  • Tensile Bending Strength:
    • After 1 day approx. 5MPa
    • After 3 days approx. 6MPa
    • After 7 days approx. 7MPa
    • After 28 days approx. 10MPa


  • Ball Pressure Hardness:
    • After 1 day approx. 40MPa
    • After 3 days approx. 50MPa
    • After 7 days approx. 55MPa
    • After 28 days approx. 60MPa
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