TSP Tusk Concrete Drill Bits (Cross Head)

TSP Tusk Concrete Drill Bits (Cross Head)

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TUSK European made Tungsten carbide welded solid X-head drill tip, designed for drilling concrete with rebar and reinforced concrete using a hammer drill. 

  • Design hammer drill for smoother drilling
  • Maximum spoil removal and longer life
  • Four tungsten carbide cutting edges that quickly penetrate the hardest of masonry materials

Use with SDS Hammer Drill on:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Granite


                    SDS Drill

Concrete Drill Bits (Cross Head)
Sku Brand Size Length Product Number
86148 Tusk 5mm 160mm TSP10S
86149 Tusk 6mm 160mm TSP10M
86150 Tusk 6.5mm 160mm TSP10XL
86151 Tusk 8mm 160mm TSP125S
86152 Tusk 16mm 260mm TSP125M
86153 Tusk 10mm 160mm TSP12M
86154 Tusk 12.5mm 160mm TSP12L
86155 Tusk 8mm 260mm TSP12XL
86156 Tusk 10mm 260mm TSP13M
86157 Tusk 12mm 260mm TSP13L
86158 Tusk 12.5mm 260mm TSP14M
86159 Tusk 13mm 260mm TSP16M
86160 Tusk 14mm 260mm TSP18M
86161 Tusk 18mm 260mm TSP20M
86162 Tusk 20mm 260mm TSP22M
86163 Tusk 22mm 260mm TSP22L
86164 Tusk 24mm 260mm TSP24M
86165 Tusk 26mm 260mm TSP24L
86472 Tusk 12mm 400mm TSP26M
86473 Tusk 13mm 400mm TSP26L
87011 Tusk 10mm 460mm TSP5S
87013 Tusk 12mm 460mm TSP65S
87164 Tusk 22mm 400m TSP6S


                    SDS Drill


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