Bona Rubber Bladed Applicator 500 mm

Bona Rubber Bladed Applicator 500 mm

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Bona Rubber Bladed Applicator 500 mm. Key benefits include:

  • Can be attached to an extension bar
  • Ideal for the application of the Bona Craft Oil range

Bona Rubber Bladed Applicator 500 mm. Technical data include:

  1. Apply the oil thinly using an oil resistant rubber bladed applicator, a stainless-steel trowel or a Bona Wool Pad
  2. After 15 - 30 minutes, make another pass with more oil until the surface is saturated until the wood does not absorb any more oil. (The number of treatments needed depends on the type of wood but 1-2 treatments are usually enough.)
  3. Buff the floor in alternate directions using a buffing machine (150 revs/minute) and a green pad
  4. Remove surplus oil with cotton cloths straightaway and let surface dry minimum 24 hours without foot traffic
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