Bona Oil Wool Pad 410 mm

Bona Oil Wool Pad 410 mm. Key benefits include:

  • Enhances oiling and buffing jobs
  • The wool creates higher heat towards the surface, improving the penetration of oil and speeding up the drying process
  • Leaves a great finish when used for polishing due to natural content of lanolin (wool wax)
  • Extremely dimensionally stable and long lasting
  • Holds the oil below the pad, no splashing oil
  • Made of 100% sheep wool and contains natural lanolin (wool wax) for a satin, uniform finish

Bona Oil Wool Pad 410 mm. Technical data include:

  • Composition: Lamb wool
  • Diameter: 410 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Heat resistance: Up to 160 degrees celsius
  • Flash point: 560 degrees celsius
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