Bona Retarder 200 ml

Bona Retarder 200 ml

Bona Retarder 200 ml


Additive that improves levelling and prolongs the open time of Bona waterborne finishes.

Bona Retarder should be used when the indoor humidity level is low and/or the temperature is high. It reduces the risk of the finish drying too quickly and of leaving roller marks in the dried coat.

  • Facilitates application in warm/dry climates.
  • Prolongs open time.
  • Minimises the risk of overlap and discolouration.


To retard the drying or curing process the Bona Retarder can be added to any Bona waterborne finish:

  • Bona Naturale
  • Bona Traffic
  • Bona Traffic HD
  • Bona Mega
  • Bona Novia
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