Bona Mega Gloss 5 Litre

Bona Mega Gloss 5 Litre

Bona Mega Gloss 5 Litre. Key benefits include:

  • Ideal for residential applications
  • Innovative, waterborne, 1-component formula, that reacts with oxygen and performs like a 2-component
  • Use straight from the bottle (No mixing required)
  • Very good for plank floors and floors with underfloor heating
  • 1K simplicity with 2K performance
  • No side-bonding, ideal for underfloor heating, plank floors
  • Dispersion mainly consisting of plant-based oil
  • Excellent resistance to scuff marks and common chemicals
  • GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions
  • Available Sheen Options (at 60°):
    • Gloss 90%
    • Silkmatt 50%
    • Extra Matt 9%

Bona Mega Gloss 5 Litre. Technical data include:

  • Type of lacquer: Waterborne 1-component oil-modified polyurethane topcoat
  • Solids content: 32%
  • VOC:
    • Gloss, Silkmatt
    • Extra matt = max 80g/litre
    • Resistance to wear: 5 mg/100 revolutions (SIS 923509)
  • Dilution: If required dilute with Bona Retarder (4%) for longer open time.
  • Drying time until:
    • Ready for sanding/recoating: 2½-3 hours
    • Light use: 24 hours
    • Full hardness: 7 days
    • Under normal climate conditions, 20C/60% R.H.
  • Application tools: Bona Roller
  • Application rate: 8-10 m2/litre (120-100g/m2) per coat
  • Safety: Unclassified
  • Cleaning: Wipe tools free from residual material before cleaning with a minimum of water
  • Dried material can be removed with acetone
  • Shelf life: 1 year from date of production in unopened original container
  • Storage/transport: The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage and transport
  • Disposal: Wastes and emptied containers should be handled in accordance with local regulations
  • Certifications:
    • GreenGuard
    • DIBT safe building product
    • DIN 18032:2 approved friction for sports floors
    • EN 13501-1 Reaction to fire
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