Lash Levelling Wedges 400 pack

Lash Levelling Wedges 400 pack

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Bucket 400 pieces - INDENT
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Lash Levelling Wedges 400 pack. Key benefits:

  • Level - Anchor adjusts to the tiles so they remain level throughout the installation
  • Align - Designed for tile variation thicknesses
  • Space - Creates a 1/16-inch-wide grout joint between tiles
  • Hold - Holds tiles securely in place for a lippage-free surface

Lash Levelling Wedges 400 pack. Installation:

  1. Slide two lash clips under the tile and into the mortar approximately 2-inch from each end of the tile
  2. Place the second tile
  3. Slide the reusable lash wedges into the clips to Level, Align, Space and Hold the tiles
  4. Once the mortar sets, simply kick the clips, snapping them off at the specially designed break-points
  5. Save wedges for future use
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