Mapei UC Leveller 20kg

Mapei UC Leveller 20kg

Mapei UC Leveller 20kg is used for levelling and smoothing of new or existing substrates prior to the installation of carpet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone or floating timber flooring. UC Leveller is used in areas where resistance to heavy loads and traffic is required, along with an especially smooth surface. UC Leveller can be used in interiors in thicknesses from 3 to 70 mm as a bulk-filling underlayment compound. For thicknesses above 40mm it is recommended to add 30% of 3-5mm aggregate. Because of its levelling properties and ease of pumpability, UC Leveller increases daily productivity and considerably reduces the cost of substrate preparation.

UC Leveller is a grey powder composed of special fastsetting and hydrating cements, specially graded silica sand, resins and special additives prepared according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. When mixed with water, UC Leveller becomes a fluid, easy to work mix that has excellent self-levelling properties and cures rapidly. UC Leveller can be applied using an automatic pressure pump.

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