RLA Rapid Patch Repair Mortar 20kg

RLA Rapid Patch Repair Mortar 20kg


RLA Rapid Patch Repair Mortar 20kg is rapid drying, slump free repair mortar for internal substrates. TruLevel Rapid Patch is used for repairing, levelling, and patching dry concrete substrates, forming ramps repair or levelling steps, landings and edges of pillars where very rapid hardening and drying are required. The mortar rapidly develops and hardens to a smooth finish and hardness with high levels of mechanical performance, ensuring the subsequent installation of suitable floor coverings. It is ready to accept most floor coverings after approximately 2 hours and allows for quick and reliable installation under tight deadlines. Key Benefits: 

  • Rapid drying accepts foot traffic in 1-2 hours 
  • Large areas can be reinstated in relatively short time periods 
  • Eliminates need for sand/ cement screeds 
  • Can be applied from 2mm – 40mm in a single application
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Floor coverings can be applied 2 hours after application 
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