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Sikafloor® Level PRO Finish 9kg

Sikafloor® Level PRO Finish 9kg


Sikafloor® Level PRO Finish is a fast-drying self-priming skim coat that provides a smooth flat surface when dry.

  • Very low VOC
  • Green star certified
  • High moisture tolerance
  • Suitable for castor wheels loadings
  • Non-combustible
  • Fast drying
  • Self-priming on smooth trowel finish concrete
  • Applied from feather edge up to 4mm



  • Applied in combination with suitable materials from Sikafloor®, SikaBond® & Sikadur® ranges
  • Installed as a skim coat over internal concrete substrates, masonite underlay or CFC sheeting prior to subsequent fooring materials
  • Can be used on walls and floors to smooth roughened/damaged concrete





Mixing Ratio 1.4 - 1.5 Litres of clean, cool water per 3kg of powder.

Consumption 25-30m2 can be reached with 3kg of Sikafloor® Level PRO Finish when applying as a skim coat over a smooth porous concrete surface. Multiple coats may be required when installing over textured substrates & Sikafloor®-14 Prep 'N' Prime Consumption will vary depending on surface conditions.

Layer Thickness 0 - 4mm

Ambient Air Temperature

  • Minimum 10°C
  • Maximum 35°C

Pot Life 10 - 15 Minutes @ 23°C. Do not mix more product than can be applied within 15 minutes.

Waiting Time / Overcoating Flooring can be installed only when surface is dry and can be worked on without damage (usually 20 – 30 minutes @ 23°C).

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