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Sikafloor® Level Ultra 20kg

Sikafloor® Level Ultra 20kg


Sikafloor® Level Ultra is a Fiber Reinforced Self Levelling Compound that can be applied on exterior or interior concrete substrates.

  • Fiber reinforced
  • Very Low VOC (~1 gram per litre)
  • Green star certified
  • High flexural strength
  • High compressive strength
  • Underfloor heating suitable
  • Fast drying - Install tiles after 5-6hrs & moisture sensitive flooring after 7-8hrs @ 23°C
  • Highly fluid with great self-healing properties
  • Simply mix & apply - No slaking or re-mixing required
  • Pump or manual application


Applied in combination with suitable materials from Sikafloor®, SikaBond® & Sikadur® ranges.

  • Recommended underlayment for all Commercial  & Domestic floor coverings
  • Suitable to be applied prior to Sikafloor® epoxy or polyurethane colour coatings, in light to medium traffic areas (retail, commercial & car parks)
  • Levelling of new or old concrete substrates




Mixing Ratio 4.8 - 5 Litres of clean, cool water

Yield 12L - 4m2 @ 3mm thickness Layer Thickness1 - 50mm in a single application

Ambient Air Temperature 10°C - 35°C

Pot Life 20 Minutes @ 23°C

Initial Set Time 75 Minutes @ 23°C

Applied Product Ready for Use:

  • Allow 7 - 8 hours at 23°C prior to installing moisture sensitive flooring.
  • Allow 5 - 6 hours at 23°C prior to installing tiles or stone.
  • Note: 1. Drying is dependent on thickness of application, temperature, air flow & relative humidity. Increased air flow will help with drying speeds in cooler temperatures. 2. Testing moisture content before applying flooring is recommended 3. Prior to applying Sikafloor® coatings, suitable mechanical preparation over Sikafloor® Level Ultra is recommended to create a surface profile improving bond strength. Preparation may include sanding, grinding or shot blasting for example. This process is then followed by a thorough clean (broom + vacuum) before Sikafloor® coatings are applied.
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