Tusk Turbo L Row Cup Grinding Wheel GLT 105mm,125mm,180 mm.

Tusk Turbo L Row Cup Grinding Wheel 180mm

Medium Grade Aggressive Grinding Wheel For Grinding Close To Edges and Walls.

The Tusk L Row grinding cup wheel is designed for speedy removal of concrete near edges and walls. The L shaped grooves are located on the edge of the grinding wheel to allow maximum stock removal in areas with limited room.

This grinding wheel is ideal for finishing near walls and edges where a standard grinding wheel would not be able to reach and leave areas needing further attention.

The medium-aggressive design allows for precise yet fast work to maximise work efficiency. It can also be used for general grinding work if required.

Suitable For: Angle Grinders.

 Tusk Turbo L Row Cup Grinding Wheel GLT 105mm,125mm,180 mm. Technical data include:

  • Products Code: GLT105
  • Products Description: 105 x 8x 22.23 Fast Bond 30/40
  • Products Code: GLT 125
  • Products Description: 125 x 8 x 22.23 Fast Bond 30/40 
  • Products Code: GLT 180
  • Products Description: 180 x 8 x 22.23 Fast Bond 30/40
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