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Ardex AF142 Fast Grab Vinyl Adhesive 18 kg

Ardex AF142 Fast Grab Vinyl Adhesive 18 kg. Key benefits include:

  • Indoor water based acrylic adhesive
  • No hazardous solvents
  • Fast grab with ultimate bond
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to plasticiser migration
  • Free of hazardous organic solvents
  • Independently tested to Green Building Council IEQ-13 (Low VOC)

Ardex AF142 Fast Grab Vinyl Adhesive 18 kg. Technical data include:

  • Colour: Off white
  • Priming: If required prime porous substrate with ARDEX P51
  • Coverage:
    • Using a 1.6x1.6x1.6mm V-Notch trowel approximately 5.0m2/L
    • Using a 0.8x1.6x0.8mm U-Notch trowel approximately 7.0m2/L
  • Note: Confirm trowel size by site verifying sufficient transfer of adhesive to floor covering
  • Setup time: Approx. 10 – 15 minutes
  • Working time: Approx 15 – 20 minutes when used with 0.8x1.6x0.8mm U-Notch trowel
  • Site variability: Site conditions including porosity, low/ high temperature, and humidity will alter coverage, setup, and working time
  • Packaging: 15 Litre pail containing 18kg of adhesive
  • Removal:
    • Wet: Clean with warm soapy water
    • Dry: Clean with mineral spirits carefully following warnings on container
  • Shelf life: One year from date of manufacture in unopened container stored at 23˚C and 50% relative humidity
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