Ardex UI 720 Flexbone

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone Floating Uncoupling Membrane

is a revolutionary, loose-laid floating system that provides 100% uncoupling. The membrane’s separation from the underlying substrate results in significant time and cost savings through minimal required substrate preparation. ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE has a unique bone-shaped pattern with GripLock Technology for the highest level of mortar-to-membrane bond strength. The membrane is constructed of a highly durable, flexible plastic and a laminated, topside glass fiber mesh that contains self-sticking overlaps for easy seam connection. The membrane also contains more than 1,000 perforations per square foot for improved vapor pressure equalization. These channels allow moisture to discharge via the perforations and covering joints. For internal applications only

Can use on:

  • Concrete substrates ( incl fresh, slightly damp concrete)
  • Timber substrates
  • Substrates with problem adhesion
  • Mixed substrates made of different materials
  • Vinyl
  • Oil contaiminated floors
  • Exsisiting and cracked tiles
  • Painted Floors 
  • Cutback adhesive
  • Expoxy and polished coated floors






  • Prevents grout and tile damage
  • Vapor pressure equalization
  • Great to use over difficult substrates

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone

Size: 20m Roll x1m

Coverage: 20m2


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