Bona Belt HD 2.2 Sanding Machine

Bona Belt HD 2.2 Sanding Machine

Bona Belt HD 2.2 Sanding Machine. Key benefits include:

  • For sanding of all kinds of wooden and parquet floors, especially effective on big surfaces and heavy-duty applications
  • Heavy-duty machine with tremendous power and effectiveness
  • The unique dual-speed pulley system and infinite drum pressure adjustment guarantee optimum sanding quality despite the wood type
  • It is easily disassembled into three parts, and quickly reassembled
  • Power, reliability, and capability as an effective all-around belt sander
  • Compatible with the Bona DCS70 (Bona Dust Containment System) for optimal dust reduction



Bona Belt HD 2.2 Sanding Machine. Technical data include:

  1. Drum width: 200 mm
  2. Sanding belt size: 200 x 750 mm
  3. Motor power: 2,2 kW
  4. Total weight: 80 kg
  5. Drum revolutions: 1850 revs / min


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