Ardex S4 Green Slab Seal 20 Litre

Ardex S4 Green Slab Seal 20 Litre

Ardex S4 Green Slab Seal 20 Litre. Key benefits include:

  • Permanent moisture block for internal concrete subfloors
  • Easy application using low pressure backpack sprayer
  • Single pack ready to use liquid with water-like viscosity
  • Contains green fluorescent dye for easy initial traceability of treated areas
  • Allows access to the site after 1 hour
  • Zero VOC content and environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic non-flammable liquid
  • Penetrates deeply into the slab and reacts with the free lime, forming a hardened gel substance filling:
    • Pores
    • Voids
    • Hairline cracks and
    • Trapped air cells

Ardex S4 Green Slab Seal 20 Litre. Technical data include:

  • Installation: Can be applied using a backpack low pressure sprayer for small to medium jobs. For larger projects an airless HVLP sprayer can be used
  • After Installation: It is important that the treated surface is sanded and vacuumed after 24 hours from application
  • Substrates: New or green existing concrete slabs
  • Coverage: Approximately 60m2/15L cube at a coverage rate of 4m2/L
  • Package: 20 litre container
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